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Pull them up as far as possible over your head! This week Tom Segura and Christina P get going with examining twins, on the off chance that Tom really has a great time, and the distinctions between how the fundamental mothers raise the young men. We open the show with a clasp of a very cool person hitting on women at the exercise center and creating a situation. Is it safe to say that he is the child of FedSmoker? We then, at that point, watch clasps of a crazy person crusading for acknowledgment and comprehension of a super criticized bunch, an irritated Uber driver, and we talk about wild guard sticker culture. We see Patty’s doppelganger give a lesson, examine the reason why praises from individuals of color are the most ideal sort of praise you can get, and we attempt to observe a video of an Asian person pounding “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Will Nadav track down it? We have another video from “I transform into a telescope” fellow and he has a few data to impart to us. We go through a couple of Horrible or Hilarious and a tomfoolery bundle of Christina’s TikTok curations