Comedian Tom Segura Posts Update After Surgery on Nerve

Comedian Tom Segura Posts Update After Surgery on Nerve

On July 14, 2021, professional comedian Tom Segura presented a photograph on his Instagram page that seemed to show he had been harmed. The image showed a cast on his arm with the subtitle: “Goodness for the love of all that is holy.”

The image persuaded numerous analysts to think that Segura had supported one more injury after previously having become genuinely harmed in 2020. In any case, this was not the situation.

Segura, who has various stand-up specials accessible on Netflix, recently supported a genuine injury in an abhorrent second that was caught on record.

Segura’s better half, Christina P., who is likewise a professional comic, additionally supported a new injury, prompting some good natured jokes from aficionados of the pair. The couple even wound up selling stock in light of their wounds.

Minutes in the wake of posting the photo of the cast on his arm, Segura transferred a video where he clarified he had not, truth be told, been harmed once more.

Segura said that the justification for the cast on his arm was a direct result of a nerve “that wasn’t mending.”

As indicated by Segura’s site, his impending event dates remember stops for New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

Segura and Christina P. have the famous “Your Mom’s House” digital broadcast for YMH Studios. Individual jokester Bert Kreischer likewise co-has the “2 Bears, 1 Cave” digital broadcast with Segura. Kreischer has as of late been in Serbia recording a film named “The Machine,” which depends on what large numbers of Kreischer’s fans view as his most renowned satire cycle. The film likewise stars Mark Hamill of “Star Wars” popularity.

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